Introducing Darmada and Partners

Darmada & Partners was founded in 2004 by Nyoman Darmada, construction work contractor,  lawyer and legal consultant based in Denpasar, Bali.

Darmada & Partners provides their clients with fully licensed Indonesian practitioners experienced in commercial, civil and criminal law matters.

In 2013 the German trained translator and expert for traditional law and mediation Dr. Landmann joined the law office as free-lance translator.

We believe that German clients may experience disadvantages when represented by English speaking lawyers and translators. We believe we are able to give German clients complete legal services in Bali for providing fair and equal opportunities.

Darmada & Partners is committed to delivering to German clients professional legal services of the highest standard and to being a reliable partner to German clients in their business endeavors or land acquisition in Bali.

With a wide range of contact at all levels of the community in Bali, we provide German clients with mediation and litigation advice on criminal and civil legal issues, as well as mediation and litigation.

We provide commercial and business advice for German tourists and expats wishing to invest in Bali and provide advice for existing and new businesses and land acquisitions. Litigation can be a lengthy time consuming and expensive process, hence we offer Mediation Service of disputes and police matters.

We offer efficient and successful service especially in the areas of mediation, the acquisition and disposal of land and businesses and police related matters.

Where possible we produce our documents in both Indonesian and German and where required in English.


  1. Litigation Advice on Commercial/ Criminal / Civil Legal issues
  2. Mediation and Litigation Services in Commercial Law/ Criminal Law and Civil Law
  3. Family Law and advice especially on Mixed Marriage issues
  4. Land acquisition and Due Diligence
  5. Preparations of security documentation for land acquisition
  6. Foreign Investment advice and Establishment of Companies and PMA companies